Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Symarx East Africa all about?
    We are a  provider of lab/medical equipments and consumables.
  2. What solutions do you give?
    Total Bio-Medical solution. We do supplies to Hospitals, Clinics, Dispensaries, NGO’s, Research & Medical Training institutes, Universities, Laboratories, Pharmacies and Private Medical Practitioners.
  3. How can I get a quotation?
    Call +254-020-23084 and speak to any of our sales rep team. You may also click Contact Us for details of other means of contacting us.
  4. What’s you market reach?
    Our Market cover extends as far to East and Central Africa.
  5. Kindly give relevant information pertaining delivery?
    If order placed before 3pm delivery is on the same day else delivery will be done the following business day. Upcountry delivery will be done following business day through securicor or courier of choice.
  6. Kindly give relevant information pertaining payment terms?
    If you have an account with us, we give credit period of 30 days from invoice date. If you do not have an account with us we need a Bankers’ Cheque or cash.
  7. Do you provide backup services?
    We have a team of 6 Bio-Medical Engineers who install, train and service the equipments after purchase. We do service and maintain medical equipments which were/not supplied by us. Contact our Bio Medical Engineering depart for a service contract.